The Query Process: The Woes of Beginning

query-letter-formattBI can’t calculate how many hours, days, weeks, months I’ve spent working on my query letter.  I’ve looked up countless examples, written too many drafts, and ended up back where I started.

I still need a hook to engage the agent.  I still need to decide the format of the letter, whether I want to start with myself or my novel.  I still need something that will make me feel comfortable about sending my baby out into the world.

The query letter is a pitch to an agent or editor.  Most agents and editors require the manuscripts to be completed before querying, so make sure you finish before you begin querying.  The elements of a query letter include a hook, a mini synopsis of your novel, and a brief bio/list of credentials.  Do research on the agents, so you don’t query a fiction novel to an agent who only represents non-fiction.

Writer’s digest has numerous examples that helped me get started.  The approaches and styles are varied, but they were all successful in getting responses from agents.  Here’s the link:

Perhaps in time I will feel comfortable enough to send out a query letter, and though perfection doesn’t exist, it doesn’t mean I won’t strive for it.

With that, I will leave you with a verse:

I hate you pen and paper,

writer of dirty little words.

Your promises were thin like vapors

and stinky like turds.


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