From the Eyes of a Dog

From the eyes of a dog,

Everything is black and white.

Only what the master says is right,

So the rest must be wrong.

My master gives me purpose.

He tells me to obey.

I wake up every day

And know my place.


Then the eyes of a dog spot the eyes of a bird on the tallest tree,

And suddenly I can see everything the birds sees,

Far above the eyes of the tree,

For I can take flight.

I flap my wings through the merciless winds just to see

what no one else can believe.


The eyes of a bird lock eyes with the eyes of a plane,

And I have experienced everything,

adventured everywhere,

And accomplished the extraordinary.


The eyes of a plane focus ahead

To the sunrise just above the horizon;

To the endless possibilities of daybreak.


And I realize that I am not the plane,

Or the bird,

Or the dog.


I am shackled to the ground,




 the purpose eluding me

Will return.


Maybe it’s the beyond the horizon

I can’t see through

These eyes of mine.


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