Apologies for Teaser Tuesday: Age is But a Number

Sorry about yesterday.  It was my birthday, so I didn’t give a teaser.  I spent the day enjoying my new legal status (just turned 18) and contemplating the fact that I’m no longer a minor.  I’m legally responsible for my actions now.  I can buy lotto tickets and vote and be drafted into the army and go to regular prison and enter sweepstakes.  However, I can’t legally consume alcohol or buy cigarettes (ew) or run for state or nationally elected office or rent a car.

Age is but a number really, and to Shadowrunners, it really is.  They don’t age the way we do. They count time through decades, not years.  To someone like Anna, who knows nothing about the Shadowrunner world, the concept of ageless people is foreign.  Even though Thomas says, “I may look forty, but I’m really 358 years old,” she sees him as forty.  It’s the only way she can see him.

I’m at the point in my life where the world is ahead of me.  Somewhere inside, I do feel like I can live forever, but maybe (and hopefully), I can live forever in print, on the books I’ve written and the things I will do.


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