Teaser Tuesday: Turning Points

After the conference this past weekend, I’ve been knee-deep in revisions to tighten up my manuscript. The process of splitting my book in two has been challenging. One speaker at the conference said “Nothing is sacred.” I definitely believe her. It’s not difficult making these revisions but wrapping my head around two books, two beginnings, two endings instead of one.

It got me thinking about plot and character mapping. And turning points. Through this exercise, I’ve dug deep into my characters to identify the events that cause a major shift in their thinking or their actions, that have the greatest impact; a turning point. For example, when Anna first meets Thomas, she is depressed loner without a purpose. After her meeting, she’s not quite so alone. She has a new purpose, and that brings her happiness. It’s a turning point for her, and she grows as a person.

In identifying these turning points, I’ve also changed. Fighting for Daybreak is becoming more real. Plot points are written down on paper instead of invisible threads floating around in my head.  I’m making the novel accessible for discussion not just with people who’ve read the book in its early stages. I, too, am growing as a writer.


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