I don’t know why I’ve been slacking on the blogging.  I guess it’s just not part of my daily routine. Of course, a blog seems like a perfect place to talk about my day.

It seems like my lack of focus has nothing to do with a lack of topics.  I have plenty to talk about between my dog’s failure to rule over the backyard and intimidate the other animals with her fierce hunting skills to actually waking up to go running this morning despite the impending pain of restarting the exercise routine.

Perhaps my problem is not in the blogging but in the writing.  After the WD Conference, I’ve spent about 6 hours a day editing and thinking about my novel to the point that I need a break. They always say don’t rush, and I’m not.  I’m taking my time; I’m just devoting a lot of time to it.

Perfection is this idealistic goal that we will never achieve.  As a perfectionist, I don’t believe that until I force myself away from the project and understand the bitter truth.  With distant comes perspective, so I will take the this weekend to relax and not let thoughts of revisions consume my stream of consciousness. I will take a break and come back stronger.  I’ll also catch up on writing for Revolvist before I’m really a slacker.

A beta reader will also help, so if anyone’s interested or knows anyone interested, please let me know.  It will be much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. You sound like me most of the time lol. Perfectionist racing to the finish line I created. Devoting a large chunk of the day toward working on it, having to force breaks. I keep thinking my perpetually nearly finished novel is done only to discover something else that needs perfecting. I just got off a forced month hiatus (traveling) and right before that I discovered a major character issue. We’ll see if I have a refreshed perspective as I dive back into it lol. Anyway happy writing! The joys of being a perfectionist lol.


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